MeetDr Rewat LaxmanD'Orth, DNB Orthopaedics


Preetha P

Hi, in this Covid situation he consulted me on whatsapp video call and he gave me best advice. Very professional and am very happy and I strongly recommend him. I had severe low back pain, acute Lumbhar pain and it's just three days am much better. Thanks Doc.

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Parva Goyal

Dr. Rewat is very approachable and explains the problem in lay man term. I went to him for severe neck pain and getting treatment currently which is working. Hoping to recover soon with his help and constant guidance.

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Shiva Prakash

My son met with an accident where a motorcycle hit him fracturing both his legs. Had to undergo surgery done by Dr Revath with the Right Leg being severe with Titainum Metal implant. Post Surgery care has been supervised by Dr Revath himself. It's 3 months now and we see great progress. My son who was unable to stand or walk without supports of walker and crutch is now able to do away with these supports. We are really grateful and indebted to Dr Revath, who besides being an excellent Ortho surgeon is a kind hearted human. His concern and care is beyond ones imagination. He has restored the lost confidence and hope in our son, which is indeed a great boon to us.

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Faraz Ahsan

Great patient care, the doctor/ staff is very friendly. I will highly recommend this clinic. You are in great hands.

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Kartikey Agarwaal

You are in pain or discomfort when you approach a doctor, right! At that point you are desparately looking for a relief. Before the actual treatment is started the first sign of relief, you experience how good is your Dr. in understanding your problem, how patiently he listens to you, apart from his academic skills. Next is how does he converse with you?
A patient hearing and and polite compassionate talk of Dr. put you on relief immediately.
Thereafter Dr.'s medical skills come into play.
Dr. Rewat Laxman is an excellent Dr. and a human being. One feels secured under his treatment. As far as physiotherapy in his clinic are concerned an expert service with cordial treatment is rendered.
Very professionaly managed set up where you need not to wait unnecessarily.
I wish Dr. Laxman and his team all the very best and say Thank you Dr.

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The Learning Arc Remedial & NIOS Center

i had a sudden injury to my knee cartilage and Dr. Lakshman's timely and swift action coupled with good advice has really helped me.

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Yathish Be

Excellent doctor I have meet.
It was blessing to meet you doctor, my father was facing lots of knee pain after surgery he is very happy and comfortable without any pain and our support. And we're wearied about surgery meens it's a big thing for us but tha way Dr.Rewat Laxman explained and he made us to understand what exactly it is. Thank you doctor thank you so much.

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Vaishali Bhayani Shah

Glad to share our experience with Dr Rewat Laxman. The diagnosis was good and the speed of treatment was great. The Dr. explained the effect of the injury and also the step-wise protocol that was required to be followed for a speedy recovery. He is very kind and patiently addresses all your queries. We wish him All success!

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Samyukth kumar

Dr.Rewat laxman is a good supportive doctor with perfect guidance.
You can always feel free to ask any of your doubts to him and he patiently provides us with all the answers I was recently had ACL injury and was suggested to have a talk with him. He helped me out and suggested me with orthoscopic surgery. Had a great experience with him.

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Sangeetha Devender

My mother had knee replacement surgery. Now she is doing good.
Thanks to Dr. Rewat and his team for their care and support.

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Sahasra sri

I was suffering from both hip arthritis.... Hip we're badly destroyed. I was advised bed rest with q rod in my leg pulling it down. But it was very bad. Hence we came to Bangalore looking for a good surgeon. fortunately we were referred to Bone and joint consult - Dr.Rewat laxman for Complex Hip Replacement, which was performed at Critic are. I'm very thankful to him for getting me back to my feet.He is best hip replacement surgeon in Bangalore.

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Prabhat Kumar Tiwary

Bone and Joint Consult Clinic is one of the best Orthopaedic clinic in Koramanagala and more importantly in South Bangalore. Dr. Rewat does a very thorough and professional job in diagnosing the problem and recommending the best solution. Highly recommended!

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Dharmavarapu Meena

My Father Mr. Majunath was suffering from serve Knee pain & serve back per Dr.Rewat laxman(Bone and joint consult) Guidance & Observation....My father was been the my father is diabetic, bp & cholesterol patience...he has be taken care properly. my father supported best to Dr.Rewat laxman and Us( family members)by proper routine diet, exercise & stamina to fight with pain.Now my father is walking n sitting & trying to be next to perfection. so once again thanks to Dr.Rewat laxman on behalf of Mr.Majunath.

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Shalini Ojha

I contacted Dr Rewat for my Knee issue.he was cordial professional and put me at ease.
I ultimately underwent surgery and rehab under his kind guidance.i am doing well now.
Will highly recommend him.
Thankyou doctor

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Pranayadeep Srivastava

I was pleasantly surprised by the care and personal touch by Dr Lakshman on delicate issue of arm fracture of my 89 year old mother. When I was unable to reach him through other platforms , he calle me on a video call through what's app and saw her first time with immediate instruction for coming to clinic. Thereafter it has beem an excellent experience with him and his team on ,7 weeks of care. God bless all

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Ambarish Giri

I went to Dr. Rewat Lakshman to consult for my father who got fracture in left elbow. Looking into the complete medical history of my father doctor did the surgery which was complicated looking at his past medical conditions. His professional approach and his way to connect to the patient understanding their problem wins half battle. He also makes sure he is available for the patient and does regular follow ups untill the patient is back to his regular activity.

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Praful Kumar

At most and timely caring, fast,senior,confident,committed and great ortho surgeon (Dr Rewat n team)he treated me like sibling great professionalism and perfect man kind.
Thanks much Doc..

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Kavin Nishanth

My experience with Dr. Rewat laxman has been great. His professionalism, knowledge and precise approach made me put my complete trust in him to reconstruct my ACL. He clearly explained about the injury, the required treatment and made sure I was comfortable right from the beginning. The surgery went very smoothly and I'm completely satisfied. Would highly recommend.

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Ajay Anand

Care made me feel that I was in safe hands....
Extended hours are great! ...
Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. ...

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Alok Singh

I had a wonderful experience with doctor & his team.
Because of his good guidance & observations my father recovered from major accidental injury .

Ravi Rairam

I had a very good experience with the doctor and could finally get back to my routine by following his advise.

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Jayanth Padmanabh

I realy liked how i was explained about the was patient ,he explained me in detail with diagrams.
Highly Recommended

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Siddharth Agarwal

Great clinic, good location, great team, very structured consults, on time, educational, i had a very good experience, would recommend to anyone who is looking for such services, do connect and learn from them.

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Raghavendra M

It was nice consultation, I was suffering from stress fracture in my thigh bone. Consulted dr Rewat , he suggested surgery for that and all went well.

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Megha Vasan

Thanks to doctor Dr. Rewat for treating me for my ankle injury . I am having a speedy recovery.

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Suman Verma

Had a meniscal injury .Doctor is very good with sports injury
I highly recommend him

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Pinki Verma

Doctor is very helpful for my backpain

Akhil Swaminathan

Solid doc who is informed and empathetic.

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